Traditional PR Still Works

I was in my local newspaper this week, which was very exciting! Being a strong believer in the power of PR, I truly believe that offline ‘social media’ is still an effective way to get your brand out there. Social media isn’t just online, it’s in a newspaper or magazine or even in person. It’s all about being sociable, talking about your brand in whatever media you choose is best.


Traditional PR is much more of an untapped market for many. This is because it is now seen as an older technique but there are still clients out there reading and using it. In fact, the circulation or readership of a newspaper can outweigh the typical social post engagement by 100%.

Take this press coverage for example - according to the newspaper’s statistics, the daily combined readership is 25k! That is HUGE. For a new start up to have pretty much guaranteed reading of 25k is massive. Only a macro influencer such as a celebrity or someone high profile could gain that many likes and comments.

It’s time to look elsewhere into other places you can gain exposure in. Think about the box and be a bit different with your approach. Don’t do what everyone else is doing and stay original. Combining that approach with having an active online social presence is the winning formula.

Talking about you and your story is the key. Do not think of it as promoting yourself, just talk about you and your brand. No one wants to be sold to, they want to be inspired by your story. They want to resonate with you and end up feeling like your brand is the perfect fit, It may take time to get the coverage and opportunities but play the long game and the rewards will be ever green.