You may call me your:
Online Business Manager | Digital Consultant | Digital Freelancer | Go to Girl | Secret Weapon

I work with ambitious entrepreneurs and inspiring businesses to create a brand they love, get their brand seen and get their business moving in the right direction.

My digital skills and knowledge have been nurtured over the past decade. My experience began in fact with my own businesses and from the things that worked as well as learning from the things that didn’t. I did everything myself from the branding to the web build to the PR to get my story out there. Over time I fell in love with the set up of businesses and I became the ‘go to girl’ in my networks for all things digital and tech.

Working my passion means that everything I do is genuine and enjoyable. I love to teach my clients all about the digital world and how they can get their businesses out there to be seen. Whatever stage you are in with your business, I can help. You will work directly with me the whole way through your project from consultation to celebration!

Here are some areas where I can help you and your business:

Digital Strategy

Got an idea but not sure how to execute it? Want to set up a new business but lacking the digital know how? I can help come up with a plan and strategise your digital arena.


I can manage and make changes to your website including setting up software etc. I love Wordpress and Squarespace - they’re my playgrounds so feel free to leave me to manage your website.


I build fantastic SEO foundations to bread crumbing through your current website to improve rankings. As well as checking through for anything that may be stopping you or have caused a sudden rankings drop.

Social Media

I ensure you and your business are seen through attractive content and clever visibility techniques. Unique content creation is essential so you can make the most of the vast social traffic available.


I write engaging press releases to tell your story to the press, giving them something fresh and new. Writing award winning award entries is also something I do for both national and local awards.


I can help you in all areas of business and marketing to help you reach your goals. Using various proven techniques and methods from a variety of different places to help you get your business moving.


It’s easy to neglect areas of your business when starting out in favour of getting it launched. However, it’s really important that you are covering every aspect and making sure it’s professionally done. By ensuring this, you are future proofing your business and laying the perfect foundations down for longevity of success, not to mention SEO and building brand reputation.

My pricing and quotes are always transparent and honest with no surprise hidden fees. I can also give you different options to suit your budget and requirements.

I pride myself on my quick communication with my clients and many work with me on a long term basis, which is a testament to my work.